Welcome to Bull Dog Coffee


Bull Dog Coffee takes the espresso experience to the next level. Featuring a unique blend created with the finest and most flavourful beans from Africa and Central and South America.

Come, join us for an experience you will never forget.


NEW! We’ve Moved!
(Effective October 20, 2014)

Bull Dog is located at 86 Gerrard Street East, Toronto.

(Don’t worry, we didn’t go far! It’s about a 45-second stroll from our old location.)

Hours of operation

We’re open every day from

(On statutory holidays: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.)

Baked goods

Try our assortment of freshly baked goods:

Butter, almond, cheese, chocolate

Blueberry, cranberry-apple, date-nut

Original, trail mix, cranberry, apricot, and more

Brownies, butter tarts, cookies

Meet Stuart

Stuart Ross

Bull Dog founder Stuart Ross is an award-winning barista who pioneered Toronto’s third-wave coffee revolution. He opened Bull Dog in 2003, making a traditional kind of Italian-style espresso drink for coffee enthusiasts.

Stuart's custom-roasted seven-bean blend (from three different origins) has won numerous awards for both taste and presentation, with each cappuccino, latte, and Bull Dog a tiny work of art in your cup. Stuart is the first barista champion in the Central Region Canada.